Sunday, February 16, 2014

2011 Events Worth Mentioning

My baby girl Makayla started kindergarten! Then two months later we moved and she had to switch schools. Such is life when the ARMY pulls the strings. She fell in love that first day of her new school with a sweet boy named Logan. 
 *They would eventually be in first grade class as well, and her crush would only grow and grow!* 

 Got pregnant with our third and LAST (Hubby got snipped, hehe) child!

 Poor Josh. 
That man dealt with so many issues all at once! He was my rock and the stabilizer in our family. The first four months were ROUGH! Found out I was pregnant, got violently ill for almost a week. Emergency Room trip to get an IV and some medication to help with the nausea. Then a constant barrage of projectile vomiting! I am amazed I was able to keep anything down the first few months.
 ***I still feel nauseous just thinking about vodka sauce.... ewwww!***
Very, VERY pregnant for much longer than I should have been!
This picture was taken 25NOV2011.
 I would have never guessed I would be pregnant for 21 more days!!!!
That is 3 more weeks, people... THREE WEEKS!
And that is all I care to share about 2011! 
Definitely some rough spots *four months of them* but worth them in the long run!

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