Sunday, February 16, 2014

2011 Events Worth Mentioning

My baby girl Makayla started kindergarten! Then two months later we moved and she had to switch schools. Such is life when the ARMY pulls the strings. She fell in love that first day of her new school with a sweet boy named Logan. 
 *They would eventually be in first grade class as well, and her crush would only grow and grow!* 

 Got pregnant with our third and LAST (Hubby got snipped, hehe) child!

 Poor Josh. 
That man dealt with so many issues all at once! He was my rock and the stabilizer in our family. The first four months were ROUGH! Found out I was pregnant, got violently ill for almost a week. Emergency Room trip to get an IV and some medication to help with the nausea. Then a constant barrage of projectile vomiting! I am amazed I was able to keep anything down the first few months.
 ***I still feel nauseous just thinking about vodka sauce.... ewwww!***
Very, VERY pregnant for much longer than I should have been!
This picture was taken 25NOV2011.
 I would have never guessed I would be pregnant for 21 more days!!!!
That is 3 more weeks, people... THREE WEEKS!
And that is all I care to share about 2011! 
Definitely some rough spots *four months of them* but worth them in the long run!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thank You to our Angel!

As we are coming very close to our first year in the United Stated ARMY, we have been so blessed! We moved into our apartment in late October and then immediately began saving up to spend Christmas with family. We went over our budget and were not going to be able to get ANY gifts for our girls this Christmas. I felt a little sad and disappointed, but we knew that God would provide the understanding for our two little girls. This move really hit them hard. They miss everyone so terribly!
You see there is a very important organization that links up lower level enlisted personnel with sponsors for Christmas. They voluntarily go out and spend their hard earned money  on gifts for military children all over! I truly believe we got the absolute BEST "ANGEL" out there. I will not go into any specifics, because truly, it is not about the presents.She really went beyond my wildest dreams! I am talking BEYOND! We decided as soon as she contacted us and informed us that she will be mailing out the 2 very large boxes the next day, that we would tell our girls that these gifts were a blessing from God through a very kind and loving lady.
**They loved that they had received so many wonderful presents from their "Angel".

***I now know that as soon as Josh and I are able to, we will begin to sponsors 2 kids every Christmas. We will never forget the generosity that our Angel showed us.
In closing, please just remember that what we have as our life plans will always be second best to God's masterful plan!
A Very Blessed Mitchell Family

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Thanks to and  I have been engrossed with the things of old. Be it movies, music, or just pictures from Life magazine (via an ipad app). I seem to have become more cheerful and easy going. I know it is all in my head, but there is something so exhilarating about dancing to good music with my little girls. We always have a blast! Makayla loves that Elvis Presley sound, Rock-A-Billy. Not only do we have a lot of fun, but I feel a lot better after shaking, twisting and dancing. Plus I am sure I am burning a lot more calories than just sitting around and cleaning. If you sometimes struggle with cleaning the same things EVERYDAY, try dancing while doing it. Time flies and before you know it all the monotonous work for the day is over! *Except that last stubborn load of laundry that never seems to go away!

It very well may be my personal preference, but these songs and movies just are good for the soul!
As I write this, I am listening to (and singing along with BADLY) The Righteous Brothers hit "You've lost that lovin' feelin'"! Besides Top Gun, this song fills my mind of memories of driving to the grocery store or the movie store and having my dad sing all these songs!
You see, I share a kind of intimacy with this genre of music and movies. I can not watch or listen to them without conjuring images of my best-est friend in the whole world! It may be true that we do not talk every day, heck we have gone months without talking! But when someone means that much to you, they really never leave your heart. Saskia and I grew up together, and I like to think that a part of her grew in me, and I can only hope to have a special place in that Jesus loving heart of hers!

*I dream about visiting Graceland before I die, traveling to Italy, France and Germany. I will definitely hit up those tourist spots, but the majority of my time, I would like to travel in the countryside. Going to local hangouts and eateries.
Alright, I am going to close my laptop and get some rest while listening to "Crazy" by Patsy Cline.
Good night all!
J'mapelle Jamie

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall is here in Georgia

These shots are what we expected to find in Georgia around this time of year. It is happening, just a lot slower than expected. You see, we are from sunny Southern California and were excited to actually see trees change color. We were eager to appreciate four seasons, not just two, 1 being hot and dry about 300 days a year, and the rest is chilly (by California standards) and wet (also California standards). California is a large state with vastly different climates and cultures in itself. Obviously I am sharing things from where I am from. Hang on, let me explain...

California standards for weather are most likely very mild compared to other parts of this great country of ours.

Summer is hot and dry and lovely! Temperatures normally gets above 100 Fahrenheit. I personally do not start complaining until it gets to 110. I remember one summer we had to fill up 2 gallon jugs with water and freeze it, then place it in the cages for our rabbits. I believe we lost all but two to that crazy heat wave. Oh, I can not forget about our famous, or infamous depending on your stance, lightning storms that envelope the sky all around you. We can not discuss summer is So Cal without talking about fire season. The worst thing about the year is FIRE SEASON!

Fall officially kicks off in September, but we do not get any relief from the warmth until mid November. The leaves of trees appear to have turned brown and withered over night. However, we do not get a lot of leaves falling unless they are not native to the area. Thanksgiving is always a great time of year: families getting together and the kids playing out front skateboarding or riding bikes. Last time it snowed was in 2004. In snowed for almost half an hour, but people were knocking on their neighbor's door and everyone was outside on the street TRYING to have a snow ball fight!

Winter is normally dry and cold. Waking up to dew freezing over lawns, porches, windows, trees, windshields. Probably the closest feeling I have had to that special magic of waking up and finding fresh snow blanketing your yard. I loved waiting at the bus stop and seeing my breath escape from my mouth. Sweaters, jeans, hoodies, boots, and sneakers.... No umbrellas or large parkas for us, that comes later!

From March to May break out your umbrellas and rain boots for Spring is here! Spring brings blooms, tad poles, puddles, worms on the sidewalk, lunches inside the multi-purpose room. The flooding always makes trips out to the movie rental store more exciting. Hanging out with friends while it is pouring outside seemed almost prophetic to being an adult. It is really a glorious time. Filled with new and exciting things like recess inside and rainy day schedules!!!!

WOW! Get a grip on reality. For a second there, I saw myself with my head down on the desk and my thumb in the air, just DARING someone to touch my thumb! I would try desperately to peek at their shoes, trying to ensure me the honor of being the select few! Or, in second grade playing Four Corners trying desperately to be the last person standing! Those were all good times. Things did not seem so serious, I guess my parents did a great job at making me have no worry except what I would do for fun tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Nicole


This is my sister and her gorgeous daughter Hope. My sister has been through a lot in her short years of life. She was a tom boy that I secretly wanted to be like when she was just a kid. Very talented in everything she tried, whether it was school, art, sports, or friends. She has a very odd sense of humor, but we get each other. We were virtual enemies one minute and then best friends and confidants as kids. She is three years my senior and is such a brave, kind hearted woman. Just do not than threaten her or her family!
She has endured more than most people will ever in their entire lifetime. She decided to be on her own when she was still so young. She went off to live with friends and her boyfriend. That latest all of about 3 or 6 months. It was such a strange time. Okay, lets be honest, she ran away. From what, I truly can not say, for I do not know. When she began to exert her independence, she put up a wall in between her and our family. In a crude way, she stuck a certain finger in our faces and walked away. Our family's love and worry for her never diminished.
***Please forgive me if this is all wrong. It is based on my assumptions and observations when I was very young***

From what I can remember, we did not really have our relationship back until she was involved in a car accident. She decided to go to the beach with a couple guys, AFTER they had all been partying and drinking. Anyone familiar with Southern California's Inland Empire will know that driving the Ortega Highway is dangerous, let alone while driving drunk!!!!
To say that that particular decision changed her life would be a vast underestimate. We got a call some 20 or so hours after the accident. You see, a friend of hers, finally  called our family and informed us of what happened, mind you she was a minor. I believe she was only 15 years old. If you are wondering why we were not informed from the hospital, it is because she was unconscious and the guys were drunk and walked away without a scratch after totalling their new green Dodge truck by slamming into a wall and a tree.
They decided, collaboratively, to say that they did not know who she was, they told the cops that she was some hitchhiker they picked up on the side of the road! UUgghhhh That thought still brings shock and horror to my heart....
Needless to say, she was listed as a Jane Doe and was in a chemically induced coma due to the massive trauma of her frontal lobe (where she was slammed under the dashboard). The neurologist cautioned us that she may never fully recover, she may become a vegetable for the rest of her life.
Oh yeah, not only were we thrown this news, but the doctors also informed us she was pregnant...
It was the oddest thing. To be so fearful of losing your sister, then to be suddenly afraid she might lose her baby, would would be my niece or nephew. I pray no one ever experiences such harsh realities!
***A long story short, she eventually came out of her coma, but she had brain damage from all the swelling and the trauma. She had to relearn everything! Coloring in the lines, speech, walking, eating, etc... Her memory was also very impaired. To this very day, her memory is sketchy...

By the way, that baby survived. On March 2, 2001. By the way, did anyone notice? 3-2-1 :) Tyler Logan was born! Followed soon by his sister, Hope (pictured above).

I absolutely love my sister and am excited to see where God has brought her. God is amazing and truly does not give us more than we can  handle.

Thank you Jesus for allowing my sister to still be here with us. My niece and nephew would not be here without her.
Happy Birthday Nicole!
As a side note, there is more, much,much, much more to Nicole's testimony and experiences.

Time flies when you are having FUN!

Sometimes we fully intend to do something and God steps in... We, as a family, decided to Trick-or-Treat last year for the very first time. It was fun! The girls went as a princess and a ladybug. So, when we arrived in Georgia at our new home, we were excited to TOT. We thought it would help Georgia feel like home. So we went out, bought costumes for all four of us! and us three girls even had wigs! Then one thing happened after another. Our Army base scheduled TOT-ing for Friday the 29th, which my husband was planning on going to a men's wildlife fellowship dinner that same night. So we decided to go to a neighboring base to TOT on Saturday the 30th. And we just didn't feel it that day. We could not get into the so-called "spirit". So then we resigned to just TOT on the actual holiday. Until my hubby got called into flight receiving duty.

You would think that after the 3rd unsuccessful try at it I would get the hint. Well, I did not. I was bummed out, for the girls... Which, in itself is a joke, because they could not care less! They just love to dress up! Which, while unpacking another box chock full of dress up outfits this very morning confirmed this.

Then I came across a fellow bloggers post about Trick-or-Treating. Definitely got my spirit shouting hooray as I finally got it! I was placing my doubts and thoughts on the back burner, just so I could feel okay about taking my girls TOT-ing. I will definitely be searching my heart and God's word to answers my girls may have when they are older. But, until then, I will relish in them not having that desire to TOT at such a young age.

Here is the aforementioned post. Read, contemplate, and come to your own understanding.

God Bless our Troops!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pictures Pictures Pictures

The Clubhouse

The Pool

Our Kitchen

The Gym

My Captain America

So. I got to finally see my soldier in his costume. I cracked up! His body looks great, but the mask has a few issues. Number 1 being his nose is a little big, so it stretches awkwardly around his eyes. And number 2, those little wing-like things are too flimsy and fall down like a puppy. :) I have no idea why this makes me so happy! But, alas, it does. You see, my husband of 5 and a half years is a goof ball! He is always the first one laughing at movies or jokes, even if he told the joke. But, lately, he has been a lot more serious, actually, from the minute we picked him up from Basic. I love my man, whether he is his goofy self or serious.

We received some free comics at the PX is the past couple months. We got two that had Captain America in them. My girls enjoyed the story and the pictures. I enjoyed reading my FIRST Captain America comic. Yes, I know I lead a sheltered life. Which reminds me that I still have not seen one Godfather movie. I think I will do a post of all the surprising, and not so surprising things I haven't done, seen, or read. I am getting excited! This my me time!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Good things TRULY do come to those that wait

So... I am beginning to feel at home here in Georgia. I am looking forward to strolling down by the river during Christmas. To cook Thanksgiving dinner for just us four Mitchells. To buying a nice, comfy sofa and love seat. To buying a nice flat screen TV. To relaxing on the couch. Finally having everything we might need when it comes to throwing together a meal.

***These things might seem a little materialistic, or trivial to some. But Josh and I are just totally excited to be where we are today. We are financially secure, and, well, it just feels GREAT! God really is amazing. We are getting back to actually budgeting our finances for things we need and things we WANT! We have all we need right now. But we are choosing to do the responsible thing and keep a little in savings. So we are couch and TV-less. :) I am sure we seem strange to most Americans, but we do not mind. We are willing to go without for a while to make sure we get a good deal AND continue to save for future emergencies.

Alright, now away form all that financial mumbo-jumbo.... Today is a very special day. My hubs us at work, then he will be crossing the border and headed to South Carolina for dinner. Where he will be attending a good friend's church manly cookout. They will be serving your usual steak, ribs, and sides.... But the cool part, is they will be serving veal, venison, and (are you ready for this?) ALLIGATOR! :) I will be waiting eagerly and not so patiently to find out what it taste like and the texture and all the minor details. :)
Tomorrow our whole family will be dressing up for Halloween. We will be a cute story book witch, a classic ladybug, Robin, and Captain America! :) I am most eager to see my hubs in his costume. He refuses to try it on. I guess it is sort of a good thing. That way he wont try it on and then refuse to go trick or treating with us.
I will be uploading lots of pics on Sunday or Monday. So get ready to laugh and save a copy for yourselves. I am sure this will be Josh's first, and last, time in tights!
***Until then, please feel free and comment. My narcissism is fading. Just playing.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Isn't it great when you can FINALLY move into your new home? Well tomorrow we are officially lease owners to a great apartment that will make us feel completely at home, well that is once we purchase all of our new furniture, which is an adventure in itself! :) So here is our NEW floor plan:

Yes, I know, I have way too much time on my hands to take a generic layout and place my desired furniture color combinations. BUT It was a lot of fun! Feels good to see it on paper, or screen. We believe we have narrowed down our search to 3 furniture stores. THREE! UGH! Is furniture shopping always such a hassle. I enjoyed sitting on different fabrics, textures furniture, but after a few times, you forget what all the other sofa, love seat, chairs, chaise felt like. And I am completely daunted to try and not make the wrong choice.
By the way, Josh and my preference on style, color, and texture could not be further apart! It is kind of fun, in a way. Getting to imagine each set in our new apartment! After all, we will be using these for a LONG time.
So onto other things. My beautiful SIL asked for some details on our new place, so here it goes...
They are gorgeous, pics to come soon. We are on the third floor, THIRD! So many stairs... Makes me think I will be texting the hubs on grocery lists and having him pick things up from the comm after work. :) Shhh don't tell him.
There is a gorgeous resort style pool, with a large sun deck, with some arbors with swinging seats that look as if they fit two adults. There are two grills on the BBQ island. A "lake" really a pond right outside our balcony, with a fountain.
The apartments have a full gym, a tanning bed, billiard/entertainment room (that has NFL RedZone, DVD's, cable, etc.), a dog walk area, a business center (free internet use, fax machine, photo copier, blah blah blah.....
Only down side is we pay for all utilities, water, trash, electricity, and any other options we choose to have.
So we will be moving all of our stuff there and organizing this weekend. Monday, we will have our HHG's delivered. Can't wait to lay lay down on my OWN bed, in our OWN room! :)